12 Ways to Keep from Sabotaging your Weight Loss Progress During the Holidays

Scan the entire spread first and be selective with your food choices – ask yourself, “is it worth the calories?” Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. When it’s not, move on. When the food is worth the calories, be mindful. Eat slowly. Savor everything that is good about the food – the smell, the mouthfeel, […]

Emotional Eating, It’s Not Always Bad!

When the topic of “emotional eating” is brought up, we automatically conclude that it’s wrong. However, I was talking with a counselor who specializes in disordered eating problems, and she said that it’s not that it’s ‘bad.’ In fact, we all do it, we eat in celebration and sadness alike. It’s okay. It becomes a […]

Do You Hate New Year’s Resolution Diets

“Do You Hate New Year’s Resolution Diets?  Try these 3 tricks instead!” What’s the perfect diet? Another blog for New Year’s Resolutions?  Ugh.  Do you hate nutrition blogs as much as I do?  Perfect people, with their perfect bodies, eating their perfect foods, and completing their perfect work out.  And they want you to join […]

The secret to eating what you want and staying thin

“How can I just eat whatever I want all the time but stay thin?” As a dietitian, I hear a lot of questions, and this one in particular captured my attention. The person who asked was trying to be funny and did not expect an answer, but it got my wheels turning. I love this […]

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I don’t like the word “diet”.  The word, which simply refers to the food we eat, has been taken out of context.  Instead, “diet” now refers to a restrictive, rigid plan someone follows in order to lose weight.  I envision deprivation and depression, and I am not a fan.  However, if I ever had to […]