Client Testimonials

The story for Albert

Albert works in real estate and always looks on point. He has maintained a healthy weight all his life. In 2022, he was in a bad car wreck and was hospitalized for about a month. On top of that, he was diagnosed with Guillain Barre. He lost about ten pounds in that time. Having his health back, he says he’s been out of control eating too many sweets. He’s also challenged by a full social calendar. He says he eats dinner out with friends usually four times per week. Never having to have watched his weight before, he found himself 20 lbs above where he likes to be and was determined to get a grip on it. He did not want to be too extreme doing the all liquid fast, so he did two meal replacements per day and a meal. He lost 18 lbs in seven weeks. He feels like himself again and is enjoying wearing his favorite clothes again too! I’m so proud of you Albert! You are the kind of person who loves others so well, I’m glad you put that love toward yourself too!