Client Testimonials

The story for Catherine

Catherine reached out nearly a year ago. After nearly two decades of roller coasting weight, she had ultimately found herself ~150 lbs over her preferred weight. This ultimate gain was related to health challenges and subsequent debility which perpetuated the problem. She began fasting on her own three days a week and lost 50 lbs in about ten months. But over the next 8 months she had gained ~12 lbs back. Tyra’s when she reached out to NUSELF last summer, having made a 38 lb dent but wanting to lose much more.

She signed up to do 12 weeks of all liquid. She lost 37 lbs and decided to do another 12 weeks. This time she lost 23.4 lbs and decided to do another 12 weeks and lost 18 lbs. She lost a total of 78.4 lbs in 36 weeks (~9 mos). She then transitioned to food plus meal replacements and signed up for another 12 weeks. She lost 7 lbs for a total loss of a little over 85 lbs in 11 months. She’s down another 2 lbs over the past two weeks.

Catherine has done this through debilitating migraines and an extremely stressful job with insane hours. You’ve never met someone so focused, determined, and diligent. She amazes me everyday. I am so proud of her!! Congratulations Catherine!!