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The story for Cindy

Kelly Gill
Thu, Sep 14, 1:39 PM (21 hours ago)
to Randy

Cindy quit smoking ten years ago and quit vaping four years ago. While that was a major step toward better health, unfortunately, she gained 30 lbs. Not helping things, she has a very sedentary but extremely stressful job where she can barely take a break to use the restroom. She gardens and gets a lot of steps in the evenings. That helps, but it just wasn’t enough and the weight wasn’t coming off.
She did the all liquid fast for 12 weeks and lost 21.4 lbs. And that included a pseudo-break for a vacation (she went off all liquid but still managed to keep her eating under control). Cindy, you really have done amazing. You will certainly be successful as you continue to strive for more weight loss. Great job!!