Client Testimonials

The story for Don

In his seventies, Don was at an age and weight where his health was becoming a real problem. He knew it was time to make a change. He signed up for twelve weeks doing two meal replacements per day with one meal. Don doesn’t want to be on social media so he choose his favorite scripture
During this time, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Due to her treatment, they began eating out regularly (you know how much work it is to eat at home with all the shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning…). That cut into his weight loss, but he was so determined and diligent he managed to slowly and steadily lose weight week after week. He lost a total of eight pounds in 12 weeks. While that may not sound like a lot, let me assure you, it is! And I am so proud of him. Best of all, he proved to himself that he won’t let hard times stop him. And now he has the confidence of knowing, no matter what life throws at him, he will continue to plug away one day at a time. And a year from now, I know he’ll be down 30-40 lbs. in two years time, he’ll be down another 30-40 lbs.
He is well on his way to a new life!! We wish you the best Don.