Client Testimonials

The story for Dorothy

Dorothy is a health nut. She loves healthy, natural food. However, her weight had increased, and she was feeling frustrated. She said, “I usually can keep it under control, but this time I just couldn’t stay focused long enough to get the weight off. I needed your help.”
She did the all liquid fast for 5 weeks (goal was three but she was doing so well she kept going) and lost 13 lbs. Then she started to incorporate food with meal replacements. She’s lost an additional pound in the past two weeks. She is thrilled to continue on her own incorporating food with some meal replacements as desired. She hopes to lose another ten pounds but is happy as long as she doesn’t gain any more. Best of all, she brought her BMI down from the 30’s (official obese range) into the 20’s. Medically, that is a HUGE improvement!! Congratulations Dorothy!! Way to go!