Client Testimonials

The story for Kristin

Kristin reached out right before Christmas. She didn’t have a specific goal but was ready to lose as much as she could while remaining realistic with herself. Since she had a trip planned at the end of January, she started on the half meal replacement, half food option (aka LCD plan) from the first of January through to her trip January 27. She lost 15# in January on the LCD plan. Then she wanted to speed things up and did the all liquid fast (aka VLCD plan) in the month of January, losing another 18#. Then March was filled with friends and fun, so she transitioned back to LCD and still managed to lose 8# in March. Then, eager for rapid weight loss again, she did the VLCD again in the month of April and lost 12#. Since she transitioned last week, she lost another 2# for a total of 54# in four months!!!! She is now transitioning to all food but will have the meal replacements here and there as desired to support her continued efforts toward a lower weight and better health!And on a personal note, she was so happy and pleasant the whole time!! What an amazing person and what determination!! Kristin, you’ve totally got this!