Client Testimonials

The story for Lisa

Lisa signed up to do 12 weeks on the all liquid fast. As she got going and saw the potential, she set her sights on a goal weight and refused to settle for less… she ended up committing to 18 weeks on the all liquid fast and reached her goal weight!!! Woohoo!! 🙌🙌🙌

She lost a total of 56.6#, for an average of 3.14# per week!!!

She continued on with weekly check ins for another four weeks to safe guard her against weight regain. She has actually lost a little more without trying and without feeling deprived!! Awesome job Lisa! You were such a pleasure to work with. You always remained positive and committed with your eye on the prize!! What a great example you set!



Cheryl has always maintained a healthy lifestyle and weight. However, age and hormones has taken

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