Client Testimonials

The story for Liz

Liz gained weight during the pandemic – not only related to being home but because she broke her foot and couldn’t be active, and because she had to live in a hotel for a while while their home was under construction. Then she found out she was pregnant!! She was able to lose down to her pre pregnant weight. However, that weight was up ~20 lbs from her normal weight. So, she decided to do the low calorie plan of two meal replacements plus a meal. She lost 15 lbs in 7 weeks!! While she’d like to lose more, with summer upon us, she decided now is a good time to transition back to all food. Liz, you’ve managed a healthy weight all your life. I’m so glad for the opportunity to get you back to your usual self! I know you’ve got it from here! Great job! 👏
From Liz “I think the healthy habits are rubbing off on my kids too 😂😂😂
(That’s MY water bottle)”



Tanya has always maintained a healthy weight and prioritized her health. However, life… and she

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