Client Testimonials

The story for Marcella

Marcella reached out in August. Her initial goal was to lose as much weight as possible on the all liquid fast for 21 days. It went so well, that she signed up for another 21 days… and another… and another… and another… then in January, she transitioned to food and went ahead and signed up for 12 weeks on half meal replacement, half food plan. She had some hiccups that coincided with social events and vacations, but she always bounced back and got right back on plan. Ultimately, she lost a total of SEVENTY pounds in eight months!! 21 days at a time! What an amazing person to sacrifice food for a greater goal. And now she is at a weight she is excited to maintain. Not only does she look great, but more importantly, she feels great, physically and psychologically! Great job Marcella!! Did I mention she’s a mom who works full time as a nurse, while going back to school to get a higher nursing degree? Yeah. Talk about an overachiever!!