Client Testimonials

The story for Mary

Mary had struggled with being overweight all of her adult life. In May of ‘21, she made significant lifestyle changes and lost 35 lbs. But then she got stuck and couldn’t push past that barrier. She had an ultimate goal to lose another 30-40 lbs. She typically managed well on the daytime. Night is the hardest – “4:30/5 till 7:30/8.”

So, in August of 2021, she reached out to NUSELF Nutrition. She decided to do meal replacements for breakfast and dinner. She says, “I did liquid meal replacement morning and evening and healthy low carb high protein lunches. No eating after 6 is most successful for me!” Doing that, Mary lost another 20 lbs.

Mary has maintained that weight loss for the past year.

Congratulations Mary!! What an inspiration!! Thank you for letting us share your story! 💜