Client Testimonials

The story for Nancy

Nancy is a wise and fun-loving women who you just love to be around. Like most people, she loves family and food – usually both together! In fact, here she is pictured with her granddaughter and the sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy -free, calorie-full, delicious birthday cake Nancy made for her! What is better than that?!

Like so many of us, she has found herself gaining weight year after year. She decided to set two goals:

1. Lose the weight rapidly using the all liquid fast for 6 weeks.

2. Lose gradually doing a couple meal replacements per day with a meal for another 6 weeks. Nancy achieved her goal by losing 20 lbs in the first six weeks!! She lost a couple more pounds after that. She is drinking more water, and exercising more regularly. Her next behavior goal is to find a non-food hobby to replace boredom eating.