Client Testimonials

The story for Shane

Shane and, his wife, Susan reached out a year ago, but it just wasn’t the right time. But, now a year later, it was time! And boy were they ready!!

Here’s Shane’s story:

Shane is a self-proclaimed “junk food junkie”. He gained weight gradually after marriage and kids and reached a number he was ashamed of.

He signed up for 12 weeks to ensure his commitment. He went on the all liquid fast but struggled to get the meal replacements down. We came up with an alternative plan that included some food but still allowed him to stay in ketosis. And he KILLED IT!!

I couldn’t be more proud! He lost 60 (yes SIXTY!!) lbs in twelve weeks.

Bonus: He broke 200 lbs!! He said he hasn’t seen a 1 in the hundreds spot in four or six years (he couldn’t remember which kid, lol – doesn’t that describe life!!).

He has maintained his weight for two weeks now and feels great. His blood pressure is down and he’s sleeping well.

Great job Shane!! What an inspiration!!!!