GAIN A HEALTHIER RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD NÜSELF Nutrition provides virtual nutritional programs and meal replacements for the busy lifestyle.

Nutrition CounSeling

After twenty years of professional experience in medical facilities, our dietitian, Kelly Gill, began to wonder about bringing her knowledge and expertise to those who need help outside those facilities, and this program was developed.

Weight loss


Our weight loss program will meet your needs in a healthy way.



Quality meal replacements enrich your nutrition program.



Get motivated by inspirational blogs and let’s walk through this together.



Mary had struggled with being overweight all of her adult life. In May of ‘21, she made significant lifestyle changes

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Tanya has always maintained a healthy weight and prioritized her health. However, life… and she found herself at an “unacceptable

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Ali was tired of carrying twenty extra pounds. She was ready to make a dent and get the extra weight

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Why NÜSELF Nutrition

NÜSELF Nutrition is for anyone who wants to lose weight, break up with habits that are not helping you reach your goals, or find out more about the spiritual aspect of fasting. NÜSELF Nutrition is a chance to lose weight quickly while having a medical professional, compassionate dietitian alongside you always to make sure you are safe and well.

The ultimate goal is to help you lose weight, get healthy, and love your body. We do this by offering personalized weight loss programs that change your personal behaviors and mindset around nutrition and food.

Get To Know Kelly Gill

Kelly runs NÜSELF Nutrition, bringing with her over twenty years of professional experience as a dietitian along with multiple certifications and degrees in the topic area. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a Certified Specialist Sports Dietitian, a Licensed Dietitian, and she has a Master of Science from Texas Woman’s University.


Lose 2-5 lbs per week

Lose 1-4 lbs per week

Lose 1/2-2 lbs per week

Lose 1/2-1 lbs per week

No matter which of these programs you choose, you will receive individualized, one-on-one coaching to help you become your best self. We are so excited to meet you and get started!


The most obvious outcome from this program will be weight loss, but the most important outcome will be changed behaviors around food and a changed mindset about nutrition. We want you to love food and your body at the same time and have a healthy relationship with food.

Imagine eating healthy food because you love it and consuming food that promotes your well-being most of the time. In this scenario, you reach for indulging foods only occasionally, and you are able to control yourself around temptation. That’s what we will achieve by working together in this program!


Kelly Gill

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I don’t like the word “diet”.  The word, which simply refers to the food we eat, has been taken out of context.  Instead, “diet” now

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